Tamiya FF-03 Convereted for Rally Running.

December 14, 2017

Looking for not only a different type of build, but a different driving experience? How about a FWD RC Rally car build? Fellow Rally Runner Jeisun Leung shows you how to convert a Tamiya FF-03 into a sweet rally car! 





Being as the FF-03 is mega inexpensive, and a classic well performing chassis for on road, and has many parts available. It can also handle well off road with some slight suspension modifications.


The rear droop is limited by 2 things, chassis blocking the arms and damper length. To overcome this you can add spacers into 4 places where the rear bulkhead mounts to the chassis shown below with the anodized blue bits. Then you will need to either get longer dampers or use longer damper ends. I opted for the later, you can see I used long damper ends but cut them a little shorter and drill the hole a little deeper. The more spacers you use under the bulkhead, and the longer the dampers you use, the more rear ride height you can have.


The front droop is limited by arms and hub/knuckle intersection, chassis, and output shafts (drive cups). In order to raise the front (add droop) you will need to mill out the a-arm where it meets the steering hub. Also you will need to raise the suspension blocks with some spacers. And finally to have the drive cups clear, you will have to raise the gearbox with some washers. 

Incidentally this is how you modify any of the Tamiya TC models to have greater front suspension droop. I've done similar things with my XV01TC, and TB03.

With these modifications, your Road FF-03 can now have much more ride height allowing you to clear rougher terrain and maybe even some medium sized jumps.

Rally On!








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