Here is a breakdown of the different types of Rally vehicles  our RC versions are based on

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Just what is Rally Racing anyway?

Point to Point Stage Rally Racing

Rally (Rallying, Stage Rally, Rally Racing, ProRally) is a motorsport where a driver and navigator (co-driver)race down closed dirt roads, one car at a time, as fast as they can. The cars race against the clock and not head-to-head. The racing sections are called Special Stages and are closed to all non-rally traffic.

Rally Cross

Rally Cross is a form of sprint-style automobile racing, held on a closed mixed-surface racing circuit, with modified production or specially built road cars, similar to the World Rally Cars, although usually with about 200 bhp (150 kW) stronger engines, due to e.g. their 45 mm turbo restrictor plates.

Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally (or simply "The Dakar"; formerly known as the "Paris–Dakar Rally") is an annual rally race organized by the Amaury Sport Organisation. Most events since the inception in 1978 were from ParisFrance, to DakarSenegal, but due to security threats in Mauritania, which led to the cancellation of the 2008 rally, races since 2009 have been held in South America. The race is open to amateur and professional entries, amateurs typically making up about eighty percent of the participants.

The race is an off-road endurance event. The terrain that the competitors traverse is much tougher than that used in conventional rallying, and the vehicles used are true off-road vehicles rather than modified on-road vehicles. Most of the competitive special sections are off-road, crossing dunes, mud, camel grass, rocks, and erg among others. The distances of each stage covered vary from short distances up to 800–900 kilometers (500–560 mi) per day.

There are other types of rally which are popular at club level:

  • Regularity rallies

  • Navigational exercises

  • 12-car rallies

  • Treasure hunts

  • Gimmick rallies

  • Special Stages

  • Road Rallies

Let's get these types of Rally Racing rolling in California!

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