A few Tips n Tricks for ya from the SoCal RC Rally Runners  

Looking for a fast way to clean your Rally RC and dont have or want a compressor? Try an air  blower. Cow RC and other companies make great ones.

Looking for a way to prevent screws from coming loose in plastic parts? Try white craft glue as a "plastic thread locker".

Looking for a simple way to clean and lubricate your entire car, including electronics? There are awesome spray cleaners and lubricants out there. These are from Cow RC. Many SoCal Runners use Cow RC products. 

Looking for a way to prevent dirt, dust, and rocks from getting into your chassis and electronics? Some RC buggy bodies used underneath your Rally body or a simple cover built out of Lexan or other materials, including fabrics, should do the trick. There are ones on the market for certain chassis that may be modded to fit your car. See pics above for a couple of ones currently available. 

The Tamiya XV-01 is a very popular kit for RC Rally. Most people prefer the long damper version pictured here. The increased suspension travel gives you great off road performance.  Check out our members Rides section for pics of a few completed XV01's. It's a great kit and running car totally capable to be set up with a brush-less motor and a few people run them on a 3s Lipo. 2s is more than enough and it runs well on the kit silver can motor, but hey, nice to know right? One highly recommended hop up to pick up and install while building are aluminum suspension mounts pictured here. Tamiya and Yeah Racing make some and TQ Racing in Chino, CA sells them. You will need two sets, one for the front and one for the rear. These will prevent the arm pins from popping out on rough terrain, which often occurs with the kit plastic ones. There are many hop ups for this kit! 

Above are front and rear shock towers used to convert a standard XV01 to a long damper kit. The damper length of a long damper kit is approx. 70 mm eye to eye. 

Click image to see a review of the XV01 from RC DRIVER.

Need quick, easy, and inexpensive ways to build a Rally course? We use a combination of spray and sidewalk chalk, low profile sports discs, and cardboard end protectors, used for shipping. They can be found in warehouses or can be purchased. Ask around to see if someone you know can get them free from work. We were very fortunate to get a bunch from a fellow Rally Runner member. Most warehouses throw them out. To make them look for professional, we used red striped tape from 3M, which when done, looks awesome! If using spray marking chalk, do yourself and your back a favor and buy the applicator wand with a wheel. We used the $20 model with great results and it makes course outlining super easy! Another tip is to find places that throw out car tires. Paint them what ever color you wish and use them as course markers!  

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