This page contains information on various types of cars, tires, ESC's, motors, gear, or other parts & equipment we use.
There are many different types of rally racing/events and personal preferences which require different setups. This is to simply a guideline to get you started. 
You may already have cars and parts to get started in RC Rally.  

MST XXX RTR Rally car

Tamiya DF01 available as the Porsche Cayenne Rally kit

Tamiya TT02 kit

Tamiya Ta01 kit

Old Tamiya M-03 converted to an off road rally

Associated TC4 converted to an off road rally car.

There are many more options available. Check your local hobby shop or search online.

Traxxas Deegan NOS

Traxxas Ford Fiesta ST Rally

Kyosho FAZER Rally Car

Some on road cars can be used for tarmac Rally or converted for off road Rally.
Wheels & Tires


1/10 scale Rally cars use standard 1.9 size wheels which gives you tons of options for wheel choice. There are also many different brand of wheels so shop around for wheels that you like. 

Here is a small sample of tires used by group members for rally running. You may need to test a few different tires to find the ones that work best for your particular application and preference. Many members have had good results with ordering online or from different sellers on e-Bay. Don't forget to check with local hobby shops!

Kit tire from a Tamiya DF01 kit on the far left, Austar tire from ebay, $8-$10 for 4 tires and foams in the middle, and a Tamiya Rally block tire on the far right. All three fit a standard 1.9 wheel.

Treaded tires with foam inserts.

Three tire options for Tamiya M chassis

Left to right: Ride brand, ABC brand, Tamiya M size Rally block

RiDE offers a great selection of tires at low cost. Nice performing tires & TQ RC Racing has a nice selection of them. 

Austar tire and foam set

Kit DF01 on the left, Austar tire on the right

Tarmac (on road) Tread

Nice tire size reference chart   

Random tires found searching on line.

Electronics: Transmitters, ESC'S, Motors & Batteries
Many group members are running the motors and Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC's) that are commonly included in kits, while  others run the fastest motor they can. There are a ton of different electronics out there and what to use will vary. Options depends on budget, personal preference, type of running, etc.
As a starting point for most 1/10 scale off road rally cars, a 17T - 27T brushed motor and 17.5-21.5 brushless motor and ESC that support them will get you rolling. "Run whatcha brung" for our group fun rallye's! For organized group runs and races we will provide rules and specs that even out the playing field without the need to spend a ton of cash.  
Most RC car-specific radios will work fine to start out in RC Rally. Find the one within your budget that has the functions you want. Most programmable radios on the market have more than enough functions for RC Rally. Same with batteries, use what works for your car and budget. Most members are running 2S Lipos of various brands and capacities.   
RC Rally running requires the same radios, ESC's, motors, and batteries as other RC cars, there really aren't "rally specific" RC ones (nor does there need to be).
Dampers (AKA shocks)

For starting out, use what ever shocks fit for your particular car. Of course oil dampers work best and for off road Rally running, more suspension travel is a nice thing, its soaks up those rough roads. 

Bodies (aka shells)

Research full scale rally vehicles to find the shell  you like and also check out our Pics of Members' Rides Section. There are ton of them out there for RC rally. Here are a few to get you started. Note, many need to be cut out and painted. That's the fun part!  

Pre painted body by Killer Body 

Add scale details such as an interior set. 

Pre painted Tamiya body that comes with the RTR MST XXX Rally Car

Your imagination is your only limitation

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