Parc Expose Pic at Tamiya America Raceway 

We keep RC fun, exactly what it should be!

Around April of 2017, after getting hooked on the Scale Rally scene popular in other countries, an Instant Messenger group was started with a handful of people. Knowing the scale RC Rally scene already popular in other countries may not be a hit here in California, we started running rally cars on a fellow members front yard dirt track and any other spot we could find. The group was then put up as a Facebook group, and from there it began to grew. A few rally interested RC'ers, big into the local racing scene, joined the group, spoke to other people they knew, leading to the use of an old abandoned dirt track at Tamiya America Raceway, the back lot of TQ RC Racing, and other locations. The group continues to grow as with RC Rally in general. More RC rally groups are forming and we are working together to provide info, answers to questions, help get people interested in RC Rally, and working on setting up more organized Rally events.   


The SoCal RC Rally Runners was born from building

 connections, friendships, and bringing back the RC addiction by groups such as The Renegade Rock Runners. Amazing group of people, thank you guys!    


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