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Oct 6th

Friendly group racing at TQ RC Racing 




SoCal RC Rally Runners is a group of like minded RC enthusiasts promoting RC Rally Running. Like other RC enthusiasts/addicts, we are into many types of RC's and RC Rally is one of them. We get together a couple of times each month at various locations to hang out and have a good time running our RC Rally creations. We also have a Facebook group page consisting of people from various parts of California to around the world.


We support other RC Rally groups, local hobby shops and tracks. This website was created to not only promote & support RC Rally, but also to serve as a source for RC Rally. In addition to basic RC Rally info, this site contains FAQ’s, various types and scales of Rally vehicles, cars/parts/gears/setups our members use, group event info, locations where we run our cars, and info about full-scale rally racing.    

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SCRR is a family-oriented, friendly group that welcomes all, from RC newbies to pros, young or old, male or female. We run for fun and do so without super racing egos, yelling, or complaining. We don't care for pages of rules and specs. Our group Rallies are "run whatcha brung". For more organized Rally events, we'll provide simple rules that work well for the group and evens out the playing field.

Please visit the site again soon, it will continue to be updated as the group grows.  Join us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, watch us on YouTube!


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MST XXX RTR Rally Car Review!

Looking for a new build? A Dakar Rally Truck May Be The Answer 

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